Magma - Mostra di cinema breve

Magma 2002 - La prima edizione

Taking place in December 2002 in a 150-seat theatre in the parish of Piano d'Api (Acireale), the first edition of Magma receives eighty works mainly coming from Italy.
The audience response is higher than expected. About 300 people crowd the screening room, showing curiosity about the event and the short film as a form of expression not yet well-known.
The jury of the first edition, made up of Alessandro De Filippo (filmmaker of the group Cane Capovolto), Pino Barbagallo (Scena agency), Rosario Castelli (professor at the Faculty of Arts), awards the prize for Best Short Film to the film I Fratelli Semaforo, directed by Simone Salvemini.
These are the selected short films:
A.L.I.C.E. by David Dell'Omodarme e Vincenzo Tritta
La Colazione by Elena La Ferla
I fratelli semaforo by Simone Salvemini
Giovanni S. by Alessandro Cacchiarelli
Good-buy by Filippo Fraternali
Grazie by Andrea Filippini, Alessio Pollacci e Paolo Ricci
Hal & the fly by Virginia Arati and Stefano Rebecchi
Help me! by Stefano Bertelli
Here lies one whose name writ in water by Nello Calabrò
Manouche by Federico Malaspina
Mela by Luigi Scoglio
My funny Valentine by Elia Boccia
The noise of music by Riccardo Bellucci
Occhio by Claudio Capanna
Il più veloce sei tu by Alessandro Marinaro, Luca Scordo and Fabrizio Famà
Playgirl by Fabio Tagliavia
Pugni by Andrea Adriatico
La sua gamba by Francesco Costabile and Gruppo 74
Senso di colpa by Sergio Cannella
Il sogno di un mito del Liceo Scientifico ýArchimedeý di Acireale (CT)
Soli di ferragosto by Alice Carcelli
Valiants Volonteres by Marlon Cementi