Magma - Mostra di cinema breve

Magma - mostra di cinema breve 2013

Receiving 630 submissions from all over the world, once again Magma proves to be one of the best short film festivals in Italy.

After a careful selection, 37 short films are chosen to represent the best of what Magma considers a separate art form, allowing the experimentation of new styles and the creation of new trends. For the third consecutive year, Magma has decided to subtitle all foreign works in competition into Italian.

More than 20 filmmakers from Europe, America and Asia join the festival to present their works. On this occasion, some of the selected films are premiered in Italy.

This year’s programme offers special sections devoted to two remarkable European festival partnerships: the Scottish Glasgow Short Film Festival and the Hungarian Jameson Cinefest International Film Festival Miskolc.


Thursday 28 November 2013 - Margherita Multisala, Acireale
Special section: Selection of shorts from Jameson Cinefest International Film Festival Miskolc, Hungary
h. 21.15
Competition – animation category:
Big hands oh big hands, Let it be bigger and bigger (Cina 2012, 6', Lei Lei Lei Lei)
Linear (Brasile 2012, 6, Admoni Amir)
Jamón (Gran Bretagna 2012, 8', Lopez Iria)
Habitat (Bulgaria 2013, 4', Georgieva Ina)

Competition – experimental category:
2012 (Ucraina 2013, 11', Vradii Yevgeniia)
Surrounded (Germania 2013, 10', Arne Körner)

Competition – documentary category:
The Conversation (Polonia 2011, 16', Sulkowski Piotr)
Grünes Gold (Green Gold) (Germania 2012, 13', Barbara Marheineke)

Competition – narrative category:
Steffi gefällt das (Steffi Likes This) (Germania 2012, 4', Philipp Scholz)
Sub (Spagna 2012, 15', Malis Álvarez Jossie)
Geschwister (Siblings) (Germania 2011, 8', Joya Thome)
Beginning (Gran Bretagna 2012, 18', Wilkie Pier)

h. 23.30 - After party @ The Mescan Pub, Piazza Santa Maria del Suffragio, Acireale

Friday 29 November - Margherita Multisala, Acireale
h. 20.30
Special section: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Scozia), selezione di cortometraggi
Competition – experimental category:
La Isla de los Muertos (Spagna Germania 2013, 7', Jevremovic Vuk)
Vicissitude (Francia 2012, 9', Negrello Matthias)

Competition – narrative category:
Leben! (Germania 2013, 18', Färber Carolin)
Tin & Tina (Spagna 2013, 12', Stein Rubin)
Et Dieu créa la pomme (Francia 2013, 2', Sophie Galibert)
Ballet Story (Germania 2011, Daria Belova)
Someone Might Drop a Cigarette Butt (Moze netko bacit cik odozgo) (Croazia United Kingdom, Slovenia 2012, 13', Viskovic Josip)

Competition – documentary category:
Hviezda (The Star) (Slovacchia 2012, 19', Kolencik Andrej)

Competition – animation category:
You Shall Not Leave the Way! (Repubblica Ceca 2011, 7', Szemlova Veronika)
Lost Senses (Polonia 2013, 5', Marcin Wasilewski)
La danza del piccolo ragno (Italia 2012, 5', Rotelli Lucia)
Apple Pie (Argentina - 2011, 1', Polledri Pablo)

h. 23.30 - After party @ Sottovoce Pub, via Atanasia 68, Acireale

Saturday 30 November - Margherita Multisala, Acireale
h. 20.30
Competition – narrative category:
Carry Me Away (Ungheria Romania 2013, 14', Cristina Grosan)
Eutanas S.A. (Spagna 2013, 9', Nores Victor)
Argile (Francia 2012, 18', Guerraz Michaël)
Musik liegt in der Luft (There is Music in the Air) (Germania 2012, 20', Tim Bosse)
Sevilla (Paesi Bassi 2012, 11', Bram Schouw)

Competition – documentary category:
Dinosaurios en 3D (Spagna 2012, 19', Beiro Juan)
Nyosha (Israele 2012, 11', Kapel Liran)

Competition – experimental category:
Dorian C. (USA 2013, 22', Rebecca Arndt)

Competition – animation category:
Head Over Heels (Gran Bretagna 2012, 10', Reckart Timothy)
My Baby Don´t Love Me (Finlandia 2012, 3', Jäälinoja Heta)
Mee (Germania 2012, 4', Felgendreher Letty)
Choir Tour (Lettonia 2012, 5', Jansons Edmunds)
Cycloid (Giappone 2013, 4', Kurogi Tomoki)

Prize-giving ceremony (special mentions for each category and Lorenzo Vecchio Prize)

h. 23.30 - Wrap party @ Etimué Pub, via Genuardi 28, Acireale