Magma - Mostra di cinema breve

Magma 2003 – seconda edizione

Given the good results of the first year, in 2003 Scarti decides to move Magma in the heart of Acireale, at cinema Margherita.
Scarti spreads out the call for entries, strengthening prevoius agreements and making new ones. The call for entries is translated into English, Spanish, French and German, and spread out through portals of European and non-European short film agencies. As a result, 130 works are submitted to the festival.
During the three festival days, presence at cinema Margherita goes beyond 1000 spectators. A special selection of Magma 2003 is screened during the first edition of ýLa notte biancaý in Rome.
The jury is made up of Carlo Lo Giudice (director of short films and documentaries), Antonio Di Grado (professor at Catania University), Pauline Nappi (cinema expert).