Magma - Mostra di cinema breve

Magma 2004 – terza edizione – centro fieristico “Le Ciminiere” (CT)

The third edition of Magma represents an important challenge for Scarti. Due to the temporary unavailability of cinema Margherita, because of the successful 2003 edition, the organisational committee decides to move Magma tp Catania, using part of the exhibition complex "Le Ciminiere".
The publication of the call for entries in March 2004 raises immediate interest on the international. 203 works are submitted.
Magma 2004 takes place over four days. Out of the 47 short films selected for the competition, 14 are Italian, while the other ones come from France, Canada, Poland, Lebanon, Denmark, Holland, the USA, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Brazil, Australia, Serbia-Montenegro, England.
Many of the short films submitted to this edition are showed in the most important festivals of the world: 7:35 de la mañana, by the Spaniard Nacho Vigalondo, takes part in the final stage of the 2005 Oscars .
The jury is presided over by the actor, director and writer Antonio Rezza and made up of Flavia Mastrella (screenwriter), Donatella Finocchiaro (actress), Francesco Guzzo (actor), Emanuela E. Abbadessa (University professor).
The festival is enriched with a photo exhibition with shots by Daniele Greco, Claudio Capanna and Gianluca Napoli, as well as three retrospectives on short films by Rezza and Flavia Mastrella, Simone Massi, and Carlo Lo Giudice.

The edition comes to an end with a total of 1400 admissions, four days of screening, 5 directors as guests. A considerable success within the area of Catania.