Magma - Mostra di cinema breve

Magma 2010 - nona edizione

With submitted 513 short films coming from 48 foreign countries, Magma is in its ninth edition. Thanks to the previous year's successful experience, on 22nd-25th July the 31 selected works are screened again at S. Domenico cloister, within the peculiar atmosphere of an out-door summer arena. The festival opening night devotes a special tribute to the president of the jury, Roberto Perpignani, a 40-year-experienced editor (among others, Bernardo Bertolucci's masterpiece Ultimo Tango a Parigi, most of the film by the Taviani brothers, Il postino starring Massimo Troisi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, David di Donatello winner for best Editing).
Taking part in the judging panel were also the producer Andrea De Micheli (President of Casta Diva Pictures, a leading international company in the field of audiovisual production), and the managing editor of the famous Rivista del Cinematografo, Marina Sanna.
The last night of the festival, as part of the project perFiducia, there is a screening of out-of-competition short films by Ermanno Olmi, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Sorrentino, and those of three young directors they support, Massimiliano Camaiti, Alessandro Celli and Goofy Mezzapesa. The festival also offers an overview on the short film produced in Sicily, thanks to the works made ​​available by Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana(special section out of competition).