for a better world

for a better world

Director: Barbara Hlali
Running time: 9 mins.
Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2006

Magma Year: 2008
Category: Experimental

for a better world

Images of war that you see in the media are rarely moving. What usually sticks in your mind are words, descriptions of situations. In this film the artist attempts to find associative images for these words and to put herself in these situations. What does war mean to individuals? The terror and horrors of war become tangible and the absurdity and madness of a situation falling into chaos becomes visible, where it is no longer possible to differentiate between good and bad, victim and culprit. An appeal against the attempt to assert beliefs by force.  

Shooting Format: animation digital
Production : Barbara Hlali
Distribution: Barbara Hlali
Script: Barbara Hlali
Photography: Barbara Hlali
Editing: Barbara Hlali
Sound:Barbara Hlali
Music: Barbara Hlali
Original Language : english

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