Cantor Dust Man

Cantor Dust Man

Director: Loghman Sebastien
Running time: 6 mins.
Country of Production: France
Year of Production: 2009

Magma Year: 2010
Category: Experimental

A man encounters a long forgotten smell and is carried away by the memories this brings flooding back. The smell arouses in him an overwhelming sense of the plurality of his being, leading him back into the mysterious depths of his past, pushing back the limits of his inner world.  
Cantor Dust Man is a knowing mix of American �musicalù, avant-garde digital explorations and aesthetic melancholy, inviting us into a colourful world of poetry where music and words take pride of place.

Shooting Format: Red One
Production : Le Fresnoy
Distribution: Le Fresnoy
Script: Sebastien Loghman
Photography: Fred Vallet
Editing: Sebastien Loghman
Sound:Christian Cartier
Music: Sebastien Loghman
Original Language : English

Other Festivals
June 2010 : Cote Court, Pantin - FR 
May 2010 : 17th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart - GER 
April 2010 : European Short Film Festival of Nice FR 
March 2010 : International Film Festival Br