Director: Simone Catharina Gaul
Running time: 8 mins.
Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2012

Magma Year: 2014
Category: Experimental


More success. More Money. More power. More partying. More, and more, and more. Until finally we are out of breath, and then someone misses the turn. An experimental visualization of our daily life acceleration.

Shooting Format: HD
Production : Daniela Pilz, Viktoria Stolpe - Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Distribution: aug&ohr medien
Script: Simone Catharina Gaul
Photography: Jan Bormann
Editing: Simone Catharina Gaul, Linda Bosch
Sound:Dominik Leube
Music: Balz Aliesch, Axel Junkuhn
Original Language : German

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