Loucos de Futebol (Beyond Soccer)

Loucos de Futebol (Beyond Soccer)

Director: Halder Gomes Halder Gomes
Running time: 20 mins.
Country of Production: Brasil
Year of Production: 2007

Magma Year: 2008
Category: Documentary

Loucos de Futebol (Beyond Soccer)

ýLoucos de Futebolý (Beyond Soccer) shows the true passion of brazilians for football, as well as it proves that the most popular sport on earth is much more then 22 men running after a ball, contrary to what some might believe.

Shooting Format: Mini dv/hdv
Production : ATC Entretenimentos
Distribution: ATC Entretenimentos
Script: Halder Gomes, Michelline Helena
Photography: Roberto Iuri
Editing: Helgi Thor
Sound:Danilo Carvalho
Music: supporters chants
Original Language : Portuguese

Other Festivals
Amazonas Film Festival, 2007 (Brasil); 
Mostra Tiradentes de Cinema, 2008 (Brasil); Mostra do Filme Livre do Rio de Janeiro, 2008 (Brasil), Corto In Bra International Short Film Festival, 2008 (Italy); Dawson City International Film Festiva