A glass of soda water / Un vaso de soda

A glass of soda water / Un vaso de soda

Director: Adriana Yurcovich
Running time: 10 mins.
Country of Production: Argentina
Year of Production: 2008

Magma Year: 2008
Category: Narrative

A glass of soda water / Un vaso de soda

An aging woman drinks a cup of tea in her apartment, where she lives alone. An adolescent grabs a woman´s handbag in a nearby street. To escape from the police, he hides in the woman´s house. During the hours he has to spend there, the relationship between the two changes./ 
Una mujer mayor toma una taza de t´ en su departamento, en el que vive sola. Un adolescente arrebata una cartera de mujer en una calle cercana. Para huir de la polic´a, se refugia en la casa de la mujer. Durante las horas en que debe permanecer all´, la relaci´n entre ambos se modifica.  

Shooting Format: super 16
Production : Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales 

Distribution: I.N.C.A.A.
Script: Adriana Yurcovich
Photography: Flavio Dragoset
Editing: Lucas Scavino
Sound:Damién Turkieh
Music: Carlos Libedinsky
Original Language : Spanish / Espanol

Other Festivals
24th Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival (to be held in June 2008)