Magma - mostra di cinemabreve takes place in Acireale (CT), the town where it came to life and developed.

The town overlooks the Ionic coast from a lava fault known as La Timpa. A walk through the natural reserve La Timpa will lead you from Acireale to La Fortezza del Tocco (an ancient fortress), across the "Chiazzette" (a picturesque Spanish pathway along which you will admire the peculiar aspects of the vegetation), until you get down to the seaside hamlet of Santa Maria La Scala. The coast, along which various small towns are scattered throughout, is characterised by sea cliffs formed by lava.

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The old town centre is a rich and valuable example of Baroque architecture: Piazza del Duomo with the overlooking Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Town Hall and Palazzo Modò.

The Basilica of St. Sebastian is considered the most important monument of the town. Not only is it recognised as a national monument but it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The interior has a Latin cross plan and contains splendid frescoes by Paolo Vasta.

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Acireale can be reached from the A18, the motorway connecting Messina to Catania, as well as from Strada Statale Ionica 114.

The nearest airport is Aeroporto Internazionale di Catania.

The railway station is located on the southern part of Acireale.

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