Belle à croquer / Delectable you

Sinossi / Synopsis:

Oscar Mongoût, a gourmet cannibal, burns with love for the neighbor in his building, the very vegetal Miss Carrot. This passion seems destined to fail: she is a vegetarian, while he suffers from a total phobia about vegetables. Things take a drastic turn the evening she invites him to dinner.

Categoria / Category: Narrativi

Regista / Director: Axel Courtière

Produzione / Production: Les Fées Productions & Offshore

Distribuzione / Distribution:Anais Colpin / Manifest

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Axel Courtière, Magali Pouzol

Fotografia / DOP: Kaname Onoyama

Montaggio / Editing: Flora Volpelière

Suono / Sound: Ludovic Jokiel

Musica / Music: Érik Wedin

Durata / Length: 15

Anno di produzione / Year of production: 2017

Paese di produzione / Country of production: France

Altri paesi / Other countries:

Formato / Format: