Radio Voorwaarts

Regista: Mateo Vega
Durata: 20 min
Paese di Produzione: Olanda
Anno: 2018

Anno Concorso: 2018
Categoria: Narrativi


Radio Voorwaarts takes place on the eve of the eviction of an alternative community, home to a pirate radio station. We follow a single night in the life of an ensemble of misfits – artists, squatters, idealists and ravers – who come together to honour their space for one final time. The film is structured as a chain reaction of encounters between different types of people, who all have their own emotional connection with the space they’ll be forced to vacate the next morning.
Formato: HD
Produzione: Yannesh Meijman
Distribuzione: Goonie Productions
Sceneggiatura: Mateo Vega
Fotografia: Bram van Dijk
Montaggio: Tessel Flora de Vries
Suono: Olmo van Straalen
Musica: Zeger de Vos
Lingua: Dutch
Altri Festival: