Cinema is the best gift the senses could give us. Let's not wait, don't think twice about unwrapping the package and playing all together. We have to make cinema.

– Lorenzo Vecchio
The Lorenzo Vecchio Award is named after the creator of Magma, who died at the young age of twenty-three after directing the first three festival editions. The award will be given by the Jury to the best short film of the festival.

Lorenzo Vecchio nasce nel 1981. Da Acireale si trasferisce a Roma per studiare cinema. Si ammala al ritorno da un soggiorno Erasmus nel 2002. Socio fondatore della Scarti, ideatore e direttore artistico di Magma, ci lascia nel maggio 2005.

Born in 1981, Lorenzo Vecchio moved from Acireale to study cinema in Rome. After completing an Erasmus project in 2002, he was diagnosed with cancer. Founder member of Scarti, he passed away in May 2005. Besides a few cinema articles for the magazine “Segno”, in 2004 he published the novel Mia madre non chiude mai(earning him the Vittorini Prize for his debut work); posthumously released were his final diary Un metro lungo cinque and Cinque racconti più uno, all published by the editor Bonanno. In 2008 Scarti edited two more books that fully show the vitality and creativity of his intellect: Il regalo più bello. Scritti di cinema and Quando Lorenzo visse a Barcellona. Quaderni e e-mail della borsa Erasmus. The former is all about cinema and contains his notes about the short films he was planning to shoot. The latter is a collection of all the writings related to the months Lorenzo spent in Spain. His film productions, including the medium-length film Ballata di un uomo sottile (2001), can be found on the DVD collection Raccontando storie con la mia videocamera.