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Insula – Impressioni di Sicilia

Insula – Impressioni di Sicilia

A selection of short films set in Sicily or directed by Sicilian filmmakers that tell about an island crossed by multiple contradictions which hangs in the balance, between a glorious past and an uncertain future. Amusing, bitter, introspective, experimental films: some impressions of Sicily that the audience will vote to choose the winner of the Insula Award.

Insula 2019

Insula 2019

Anna, Federica d’Ignoti Italy, 2018, 8’

After years of silence, Anna decides to reveal to a stranger the story of a love that she defines as unconditional. But what is love? For Anna it is the motive of her pain, her testimony will become her redemption

Briganti, Bruno e Fabrizio Urso Italy, 2018, 15’

The abandonment, often guilty, by the institutions and the degradation that welcomes delinquency and crime, have made Librino a satellite district populated but completely disconnected from the city centre.

Where is Europe, Valentina Signorelli Italy, 2018, 15’

On board the NGO migrant rescue vessel “Aquarius” to discover the future of Europe through the eyes of its humanitarian operators.

Oh, ma che bel cane!, Francesco Di Mauro Italy, 2018, 8’

A hilarious experimental short film which shows – in a subversive tongue-in-cheek manner – the psychotic traits of our society through a story which involves two politicians, a lady and her adorable little dog.

Sagrado, Bruno Raciti Italy, 2018, 10’

A young man’s journey towards deliverance and consecration, an impressionistic look at his physical relationship to his hometown landscape and sacred places.

Janca, Vincenzo Ricca Italy, 2019, 6’

Between his green and yellow fields, a farmer speaks to himself looking for an answer from the depths of his soul. Tormented by his conscience, he asks forgiveness to life.

Epicentro, Leandro Picarella - Italy, 2018, 20’

A town devastated by an earthquake is the set chosen by a troupe to shoot a film about Greek statesman Pericles and his “Epitaph”. However, a bureaucratic fate decides otherwise and the town square must be defended.

After the short films in competition, a tribute to Cinepila, an artistic collective media production company, founded in Catania in 2012. The idea behind the project involves a transversal and contaminated approach to cinema in all its forms, from video clips to documentaries, from advertising to and video art. The collective is made up of Giovanni Tomaselli, Premananda Das and Rosario Samuel Adonia, together with a group of industry professionals that revolve around the project.

The video clips:
L’Arvulu Rossu – Cesare Basile
Nuddu Ca Veni – SKoM feat. Simona Norato
Cincu Pammi – Cesare Basile
Almeno tu ricordati di me – Cordio

In the end of the event, live performance of the songwriter Cesare Basile.