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Magma Debut

Magma Debut

In 2022 Magma will open up to feature films, dedicating an entire competitive section to international directors making their debut in the long format. A competition made by feature films is an important step for the festival, which after 20 years of work focused on short films aims to increase its recognition and to investigate new expressive formats.

The five feature films in competition, selected from the best productions of 2021 and 2022, will be screened online and judged by a jury of experts


The artistic director of Magma Debut is Andrea Magnani, director, producer and screenwriter, who participated as Member of the Jury in Magma 2021.

His debut film Easy – un viaggio facile facile (2017) was presented in competition at the 70th Locarno Festival and it has participated in over 100 festivals around the world. It has been nominated for 2 David di Donatello including Best Debut Director.  

Film in competition

Film in competition

07/11 h 21.00

Omar El Zohairy
FR-EG-NL-EL, 2021, 112’

When a magic trick goes awry at a children’s birthday party, the authoritative father of the family turns into a chicken. An avalanche of coincidental absurdities befalls everyone; the mother, whose mundane life was dedicated to her husband and children,is now urged to come to the fore and take care of her family. 

08/11 h 21.00

Cristina Grosan
HU, 2021, 93′

Maja’s life is finally coming together and her boyfriend couldn’t be more pleased. In the midst of moving out from their student flat, Maja’s evening takes a surprising turn when she stumbles upon an old relative who is without a doubt, dead. Nobody from the family is available to help, so Maja has to deal with it herself. 

09/11 h 21.00

Ahmet Necdet Çupur
FR-DE-TR, 2021, 92’

In a village in the south east of Turkey, Mahmut wants to divorce his newly-wed wife. At the same time, his sister Zeynep enrols in an open high school and takes on a job in a factory. Against her father’s wishes, she wants to leave the village and ultimately go to university. The siblings’ demands become the center of conflict in their conservative family.

10/11 h 21.00

Meel Paliale
EE, 2021, 82’

Kiik, a young car mechanic stuck between the gears of life, finds out that his girlfriend’s heart has been won over by a new handsome man. To get rid of the pain haunting his soul, Kiik asks his filmmaker best friend to join the adventure, with the final clause to cut down the tree of eternal love..
In collaboration with FNCE – Festival Nuovo Cinema Europa

11/11 h 21.00

Kaltrina Krasniqi
XK, MK, AL, 2021, 87’

Vera is a middle-aged sign language interpreter, who leads a well-structured life: a wife to a renowned judge, a caring mother and grandmother. Her serene life is disrupted by her husband’s suicide followed by an unwelcome, menacing parade of men who claim to have ownership over their village family house. When the tendrils of an underworld scheme begin to surface, Vera’s world will face danger and seem ready to collapse.