5th edition – 2006

5th edition
Magma Film Festival

Owing to the high number (396) and quality of the works submitted, the fifth edition of Magma is held over four days in September, with an attendance of more than 1500 spectators.

The Lorenzo Vecchio Prize goes to Éramos pocos by the Spaniard Borja Cobeaga which, some months later, receives an Oscar nomination for the Best Narrative Short Film

The jury is presided over by Carlo Virzì (musician and director) along with Duccio Cimatti (DOP), Andrea Agnello (screenplayer), Bruno Russo (professor of  “Techniques of narration and audiovisual media” at the Catania University) and Ignazio Plaia (member of Filmoteca regionale Siciliana).

Great success is also achieved by the two special sections which Magma creates through the collaboration of two prestigious institutions: FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and ACE (Spanish Short Film Agency).

Famu and Ace present a short film selection that enriches the festival programme offered to the audience.

International Competition

International Competition

Here you can find the list of selected short films

According to plan, Tadeus Szliwa
And now a word from our sponsors, Lorenc Wojcieck
Avatar, Lluis Quilez
Éramos Pocos, Borja Cobeaga
California, Irene M. Borrego
El Gran Zambini, Emilio Pérez & Igor Legarreta
Frozen souls, Juana Macias
Gianfrancomachia, Micol Bolzonella & Antonio Zucconi
Girni, Umesh Kulkarni
Jigsaw, Paul Fuller
Kooniklaster, Mariko Saga
Máxima Pena, Juanjo Jiménez
Noctis Bxl, Rodrigo Litorriaga
Quem você mai deseja, Silvia Rocha Campos & André Sturm
Snoozer, Jason Affolder
The Last Farm, Runar Runarsson
The Story of Bubbleboy, Sean Ascroft


Behind the mask, Cathy Karol
Io so chi sono, Simone Massi
La leyenda del espantapajaros, Marco Besas
La Lupe i en Bruno, Marc Riba & Anna Solanas
Noise, Martin Schmidt
Star Worse, Antonio, Francesco e Andrea Toscano
Synchronoff, Catia Peres
Telekontar, Galit Weisberg


Contromano, César Meneghetti & Elisabetta Pandimiglio
Growing Up in Amman’s Suburbia, Azim Bitar
La città del silenzio, Riccardo De Cal
Liturgia della Bancarella, Simone Salvemini


Ciudad Dormida, Enrique Rodriguez
Eût-elle été criminelle…, Jean Gabriel Périot
JA05 TBO, Thierry Bonnaut
Le Baiser, Stefan Le Lay
Tribute to Derek Jarman, Juan J. Moreno
Uyuni, Andrés Denegri
Vaisseau fantôme, Anna Woch
View from the closet, Peter Suuna