10th edition – 2011

10th edition
Magma Film Festival

Now taking place in winter, 8th-10th December, the festival is organised in a time of the year when Acireale lacks cultural programming. Going back to the cinema – the festival is held at Cinema Spadaro – represents a new challenge focused on offering a quality event to the audience. Something totally new this year is that, for the very first time, all the works in competition have been subtitled into Italian by the festival organising committee. In addition to the international competition, this year the programme offers special sections devoted to producers or distributors of the short film such as the English project Comma Film and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Rome). Furthermore, on the occasion of the celebration of the tenth year of activity, some of the winning short films from previous editions are screened again.

The 28 selected short films, traditionally divided into the Narrative, Experimental, Animation and Documentary sections, will compete against each other to win the Lorenzo Vecchio Prize. The jury, presided over by Leonardo Gandini, a professor of Cinema Iconography at Dams (Drama, Art and Music Studies) in Bologna, together with the English filmmaker Kate Jessop and the Hungarian producer Judit Stalter, awards the Lorenzo Vecchio Prize to the short film Ostatni Pociag by the Polish director Weronika Tofilska.

Magma 2011 is made possible with the support of Mibac – Direzione generale per il cinema, Sensi Contemporanei, Regione Siciliana – Assessorato Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo, Sicilia Film Commission.



International Competition

International Competition

Here you can find the list of the selected short films:

Caron, Pierre Zandrowicz
Cheveu, Julien Hallard
Dicen, Alauda Ruíz de Azúa
El cortejo, Marina Sereseski
Nadie tiene la culpa, Esteban crespo
Ostatni pociag, Weronika Tofilska
Rite, Michael Pearce
Siggil, Remi Mazet
Sunny Boy, Jane Gull
Surfers, Julien Lucas


Ben Hora, Nicolas Bianco Levrin & Julie Rembauville
Caffeine, Danae Diaz
Cleo’s Boogie, Collective Camera-etc
Copia -A-, Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso & Pablo A. Diaz
Der besuch, Conrad Tambour
Frog in a well, Srinivas Bhakta
Ritual, Zbigniew Czapla
Wallflower Tango, Wolfram Kampffmeyer


After, Lukasz Konopa
Hombre maquina, Alfonso Moral & Roser Corella
Viaje de ida y vuelta, Fany de la Chica
Zurdo, Demetrio Elorz Lazkanotegi


Beltapoi, Gustavo Arteaga
Deyrouth, Chloé Mazlo
Ejercicio, Raul Pérez
J’attends une femme, Chiara Malta
Planet Z, Momoko Seto
Uno Dos Tres, Andrea Testa