13th edition – 2014

13th edition
Magma Film Festival

After viewing 920 short films submitted from 60 different countries of the world, Associazione Culturale Scarti selects the 33 short films that participate in the International Competition for the Lorenzo Vecchio Award and the Audience Award. The 13th edition of Magma – mostra di cinema breve takes place from 18 November to 22 November 2014 at Multisala Margherita and in other locations of Acireale.

On Tuesday 18 November at Teatro dell’Opera dei Pupi the festival opens with a special Exhibition called “The way Italian cinema used to promote itself: original vintage film posters from Cineteca Griffith (Genoa)”.  A visual journey through the history of our cinema with an exhibition of vintage original posters from Cineteca Griffith and multimedia content available to the public. The exhibition set up at Palazzo del Turismo over the Magma week will focus on great classics and lesser-known films, historical film dramas and Italian-style comedies, famous actors and master directors.
On Wednesday 19, in Catania, Zo will play host to the concert of the Sicilian Gentless3, one of the most interesting bands on the Italian music scene. After an opening cocktai for directors and members of the Jury at Hotel Maugeri, on Thursday 20 officially starts the festival with the screenings of the International Competition.

The jury awards the Lorenzo Vecchio Prize to the film Daphné or The Lovely Specimen, French short film directed by Sebastien Laudenbach and Sylvain Derosne. The producer Bérangère Petitjean, guest of the festival, receives the prize. Winner of the Audience Award of the 13th edition is the animated short film Moments, directedy by the Argentinian Pablo Polledri.

The Jury is made up from the cinema critic Mario Serenellini (president of the jury), the director Gianluca De Serio, the Tirana International Film Festival artistic director Agron Domi and the producer Sonia Cilia.

Alongside the main competition, this year’s programme will host three special sections devoted to remarkable European festival partnerships: the Croatian Zagreb Film Festival (whose special screening is presented by the two directors Boris Matic and Lana Ujdur), the Albanian Tirana International Film Festival, introduced dal direttore Agron Domi, and the Hungarian Friss Hús Budapest, introduced by the organizer Zsuzsanna Déak.

International Competition

International Competition

Here you can find the list of the selected short films

37°4 S, Adriano Valerio
Daphné or the lovely specimen, Sébastien Laudenbach & Sylvaine Derosne
Disney Ramallah, Tamara Erde
Efímera, Diego Modino
El ruido del mundo, Coke Riobóo
Hasta Santiago, Mauro Carraro
Hoztanak – For your own safety, Izibene Oñederra
Inertial Love, César Esteban & José Esteban Alenda
Inside the box, David Martin-Porras
Inverno e ramarro, Julia Gromskaya
Isfilma par dzivi (Short film about life), Laila Pakalnina
Land, Masanobu Hiraoka
Le Plongeon, Delphine Le Courtois
Moments, Pablo Polledri
Motorville, Patrick Jean
Mouettes, Zeno Graton
Mythopolis, Alexandra Hetmerova
On/Off, Thierry Lorenzi
Os Meninos do Rio, Javier Macipe
Premier Automne, Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset
Psychedelic Alphabet for the Newborn, Sami Sänpäkkilä
Roll the Dice, Marija Jacimovic
Rollercoaster, Marek Marlikowski
Sundays, Ira Tondowski
Teilchenbeschleunigung, Simone Catharina Gaul
The Characteristics of C-Minor, J.Ollie Lucks
The Dancing, Edith Depaule
The Sea, Zofia Dabrowska
Up on the roof, Nour Wazzi
Wedding Cake, Viola Baier
What´s your secret of long life, Eszter Jánka
Wind, Robert Löbel
Wo wir sind, Ilker Çatak