17th edition – 2018

17th edition
Magma Film Festival

The seventeenth edition of the festival runs from 25 November to 1° December 2018 between Acireale and Catania.

For the very first time, the seventeenth edition of our festival will be opened with the screening of a feature film, La strada dei Samouni, awarded with the Oeil d’Or for Best Documentary at the last Cannes Film Festival. The film will be introduced by the director Stefano Savona. The author of the animations is Simone Massi, whose short films have often been selected and awarded at Magma.

On Monday 26, at King Multisala, the president of the jury Franco Maresco presents two of his films at Cinestudio: the tragicomic legal proceedings of Enzo Castagna in Enzo, domani a Palermo! (1999), co-directed with Daniele Ciprì, and the documentary portrait of the great photographer Letizia Battaglia in La mia Battaglia (2017). Maresco meets the audience in conversation with Alessandro De Filippo.

The 26 short films, selected for the International Competition, are screened at Multisala Margherita from 29 November to 1° December). At the centre of every story is the man, the often difficult integration into society, the relationship with the others and with the power, the uncontrollable fears to face and the ability to smile, despite it all. This year our special programme is devoted to the relationship between the island and cinema and is curated by the Festival du Film Insulaire de Groix, with which Magma started a partnership last summer.

The documentary Happy Today by Giulio Tonincelli is the winner of the Lorenzo Vecchio Award 2018. “For the ability to portray, with intensity and emotions, a character that releases herself from a difficult past by working as a devoted midwife in a small hospital in Uganda. By always keeping the right distance, the director is able to show the sacredness of life through powerful images that remains in the audience memory for a long time” was the verdict of the jury.

Special mention for Radio Voorwaarts, a Dutch production directed by Mateo Vega, “for the ability to photograph the end of a space and a life experience, dealing with the topic of gentrification, typical of most contemporary metropolis where any form of alternative socialisation is bound to disappear” and for the Spanish Eusebio80, directed by Jésus Martinez and Ivan Molina, “for the ability to combine traditional and digital animation techniques, giving a dystopian overview of unsettling future sceneries”.

The Audience Award goes to Parru pi tia, an Italian production of the director Giuseppe Carleo.


The jury 2018 is chaired by the director Franco Maresco and composed of the producer and director Eleonora Mastropietro and for the coordinator of the Groix Festival Sarah Farjot.

Magma 2018 is made possible wit the fundamental support of Regione Siciliana and Acireale Town Council, with the help of the sponsors (Costarelli, De Simone, Etna Mareneve Escursioni, Tascante), the partners and other organisations working in close connection with our festival.